What is auGeo?

It is a versatile gateway that provides more than one solution, scaling from a backup PRI to a fully functional hospitality grade PBX solution

Backup PRI solution

When you need to provide service no matter the adversity.  Our backup PRI solution will provide an alternate channel of outbound and incoming calls via our gateway to our main switch, allowing the flexibility required in moments PRI outages.

Least cost route

You can integrate the auGeo gateway to your current PBX set up and define the outgoing calls channel, reducing your telco cost.

PBX set up

We can design and implement a PBX set up for your company, along with the previous benefits.Includes IVR, extensions, voicemail options.Pricing according to the setup. Click here for a quote.


Augment your current capacity

Increase the channel capacity without having high monthly costs or free yourself from PRI contacts.


Augment your extensions

Planning on renovations? No need to reinstall a new PBX system. Just integrate our gateway in your current PBX set up and let your company assets grow with you as you expand forces.Pricing according to the setup. Click here for a quote.


Enable corporate communication

As your company grows and you have different locations (whether in the U.S. or by global expansion) auGeo gateway will allow calls amongst your offices at $0.  Reduce costs and enable your communications.

Hospitality PBX integrated to PMS… coming soon


Need mobility?… auGeo Field Kit

auGeo’s versatility can enable you to have a mobile office:

  • 12 VoIP phones
  • 24 port PoE switch
  • will support up to 24 workstations, more if using wifi.
  • auGeocan serve as firewall, DHCP server and NAT device for system, no need for additional firewall device


auGeo One sheet

auGeo Specifications

auGeo Plans


Tell us what your requirement is and we will tailor a solution…


What Our Clients Say

  • "The service Septrivium provides is top quality! Upon our initial request for info and proposal to the execution of the service and de-brief, they were able to provide exactly what we needed, our team experienced an excellent service from these guys. Septrivium exceeded our expectations!"
  • "It was terrific to work with such a great company that was able to adapt to our needs and service us so readily and effectively. The Septrivium team is exceptional and showed a willingness to ensure that all our needs are met. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Septrivium to any company."
  • "We have a close business relationship with Septrivium. Nothing is ever too much trouble and David always has a 'can do' attitude. Septrivium's knowledge in VOIP combined with his team's development skills is second to none. We can always count on David and the team, they've been great!"
  • "We were delighted with the hardware and services Septrivium provided, we plan to continue to use Septrivium because we know and trust them and we are always sure to get a personal, friendly and professional service from the team! A huge thank you for your professionalism and creativity!"
  • "We have been working with David for years now, and we can always count on him to be there when needed. Septrivium has developed our VOIP services which now enables us to have full IP telephony at a very affordable cost. We've definitely used this technology for our company's advantage!"